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The Hayer – makes life better for you and your horse!

An automatic hay feeder is a good solution for feeding hay to horses more regularly around the clock. The Hayer is an optimal solution for horses, their owners and caretakers alike. The Hayer is an automatic hay feeder that comes in two models, Multi and Single, both fully customisable to different needs.The Multi models are suitable for stables with 1-5 or 6-25 Hayer units and the battery-driven Single models are suitable for individual horses in rented stalls, for example.

Watch this introductory video clip to convince yourself of the high quality of the Hayer

When commissioning an automatic hay feeder, great care must be taken to make sure that the feeder does not startle the horse. The Hayer has been designed keeping this aspect in mind, and the automatic hay feeder comes with a function that helps you to train the horse quickly and safely to use the feeder. We provide a training video and clear instructions for introducing horses to their new “room service” system, the Hayer.


For commercial stables

+ With the Hayer automatic hay feeders, you can upgrade your service range to a whole new level.
+ The Hayer helps you to optimise the time and effort spent on the daily chores, and your staff can concentrate on manual tasks.
+ The horses are fed more often, which improves their well-being and condition.
+ Companies can finance the purchase using the lease option offered by their own banks.
+ The Hayer automatic hay feeder is cost-effective in use and, moreover, it looks stylish and elegant thanks to the wide range of different colours available.
+ The Hayer is sure to offer you a good return on investment.


For horse-owners

+ The Hayer Single is a practical solution for feeding your horse in a rented stall at night.
+ It is easy to double the number of feedings your horse gets every day.
+ The battery-powered Hayer Single does not require any wiring, and it is easy to move to a new stall or stable with your horse, if necessary.
+ Long battery life: up to 10 days outdoors at -15 degrees Celsius.


Technical data

The Hayer contains three feedings of hay with a maximum weight of ca. 6kg per feeding. The dimensions of the Hayer cabinet are 120x60x60cm. The Hayer is made of powder-coated steel. All parts of the Hayer are also available as separate spare parts.
No sharp corners or parts that could hurt the horse. Electricity consumption with six feedings a day totals 48 sec. per day.
The Hayer Controller allows you to control 1 to 5 or 1 to 25 Hayer units indoors and outdoors (IP54). You can enter six (6) times to the controller which makes it easy to use it for day and night feedings without the need for additional programming. Just make sure to fill the Hayer units twice a day. Both the Hayer automatic hay feeders and their control units endure sub-zero temperatures well.



The Hayer automatic hay feeder comes with a one-year general warranty and a five-year anti-perforation warranty for the Hayer cabinets.
The Hayer automatic hay feeder is sure to offer you a good return on investment in terms of the time it saves in daily chores or the money you save on salaries. More feedings per day improve the well-being of the horses which leads to a reduced need for visits to the vet, thus saving you money.



The Hayer automatic hay feeders are fully customisable to every requirement – just let us know what you need and we will find the most cost-effective solution for you!

Below you can see examples of the prices of different Hayer configurations:

The Hayer Single is an out-of-the-box solution for feeding one horse. The device is delivered assembled and ready to use. The delivery includes a Hayer unit for three feedings, a fixed controller unit, a battery and a battery charger. The total cost of a ready-to-use Hayer Single is €1.475, including VAT at 24%.

An installation-ready configuration with five Hayer units for three feedings and a Hayer Controller5 for a private stable amounted to a total of €4.680, including VAT at 24%.

With the Hayer automatic hay feeder units for three feedings, larger stables can reduce the time required for distributing hay by up to 30%. The hay is loaded directly into the Hayer units in the stables, thus eliminating the need to manually distribute it for each feeding and reducing the need to clean stray hay from the aisles or to wait for the horses to finish eating their first feeding of hay in the morning. A Hayer unit for three feedings also helps upgrade the service level offered by the stables, making it possible to feed the horses at regular intervals around the clock – which is highly important for the well-being of the digestive system of horses.

A larger Hayer system for professional use with the robust Hayer Controller25 and 24 separate Hayer automatic hay feeder units for three feedings amounted to a total of €20.175, including VAT at 24%.

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