Heinätin® Controller

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Distributes hay for you between 3 and 12 times per day

The Heinätin® product range includes several Controller units. They distribute your horses’ hay for you 3 to 12 times per day.

You should select the correct Controller for the number of hay feeders needed, the desired number of feedings per cabinet, and optimal feeding times in different locations, outdoors and/or indoors. 

The Heinätin Controllers endure sub-zero temperatures well and can be used outside. Their casings are water- and dustproof (IP54). We recommend always installing the Controller so that no water, snow or ice can collect on top of it.

Controller5 (1 to 5 Heinätin cabinets) and Controller25 (6 to 25 Heinätin cabinets)

- Controller units for controlling several Heinätin cabinets simultaneously.

- Up to 6 feeding times can be saved in the controller, which means that two fillings can last for up to eight feedings per day if you feed your horses manually at the same time as you fill the cabinets.

- The most popular selection for home stables. 

- The controllers operate on mains electricity. Batteries are included for possible power failures. During a longer blackout, the batteries will last for one to three days, depending on the number of Heinätin cabinets.

Controller5 Double (1 to 5 Heinätin cabinets) and Controller25 Double (6 to 25 Heinätin cabinets)

The correct choice when there are several simultaneously controlled Heinätin cabinets and each has more than three feedings of hay OR if there are Heinätin cabinets both inside the stable and outside in a paddock.

With the Double controllers, you can time some of the feedings indoors and some outdoors, which means that you can conveniently fill all the cabinets at the same time.

You can set up to 12 different feeding times with the Double controller.