Heinätin® Corridor

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A three-feeding hay feeder for stables and sheds

The Heinätin® Corridor is a stylish three-feeding hay feeder to be installed outside a stall or a shed. The Heinätin Corridor is filled from the corridor or outside, and the hay conveniently slides along the slide into the stall or shed, ready for eating.

The Heinätin Corridor can be installed in stables with wide corridors. It is also suitable for mobile stables and outdoor stalls where it can be ergonomically filled without entering the stable or stall.

Heinätin Corridor requires a hole at the bottom of the stall or shed in order for the hay to drop in front of the horse.

We can also provide stylish, high-quality stall solutions. 

The high-quality Heinätin Corridor is manufactured according to the customer’s wishes using powder-coated steel or stainless ferritic steel.

The Heinätin Corridor model’s standard accessories are:

Hay shelf dampers to guarantee silent operation.
Operating voltage 24V.
Dimensions: 60cm x 50cm x 174 cm. Weight ca. 50kg.
Can also be constructed into a Single model of three hay feedings.

The Heinätin Corridor requires a controller unit suitable for the stable’s needs.

We can also provide installation and maintenance services for the Heinätin system.