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A hay feeder or 3 to 5 feedings for paddock and shed feeding

The Heinätin® Oudoor is a hay feeder of 3 to 5 feedings designed for paddock and shed feeding.

The Heinätin Outdoor can be conveniently installed outside the paddock, next to the fence. The feeder is filled from outside the paddock, and the filling can safely be done by someone not accustomed to horses.

The handy Heinätin Outdoor model is manufactured of wood, board, and powder-coated steel. It does not require installation or mounting. 

The Heinätin Outdoor model:

A hay feeder of three to five feedings
Operating voltage 24V
Dimensions: 70cm x 70cm x 205cm
 Weight ca. 80 kg
Can also be constructed into a Single model of three hay feedings