Heinätin® Haywatch

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Food for up to 10 times a day

The Heinätin® Haywatch offers a super convenient and safe solution for frequent and effortless round bale feeding. The Heinätin Haywatch can easily fit a ca. 400-kilo round or square bale.

The Heinätin Haywatch is our newest innovation, and its doors open according to a timer. It guarantees the horses restricted access to hay similarly to free hay - right when you want it.

The Haywatch is made of high-quality components, and it is designed to adapt to our customers’ changing needs. The Haywatch can be freely moved from one place to another.

You can have two or three opening doors in the Haywatch, and time up to 10 feedings per day either so that all the doors will open simultaneously or so that all the doors will open at different times, for instance in three different paddocks. The fourth side of the Haywatch is for lifting in a new bale. 

The Haywatch gives out different sound signals before the doors open and close, which means that the horses will quickly learn to recognize when the feeding time is starting and ending. There are sensitive safety edges at the bottom of all moving doors, and they will change the descending door’s direction upwards if it is not able to descend freely.

The vertical shoulder supports can be freely adjusted to meet your horses’ needs. You can also add or remove the horizontal composite boards at the bottom of the doors according to the number of eaters.

Horses will quickly learn to use the Haywatch. Even foals and timid horses have become accustomed to using it in a few days.

Heinätin Haywatch:

2 or 3 opening doors.
Up to 10 feedings per day.
The doors are top-quality, hard aluminium which endures rough treatment.
A sturdy hay feeder which can be moved as a whole.
Height 200cm, width 200cm, and depth 240cm.
No foundation needed, level ground is enough!
Lightning for the dark periods.
Operating voltage is 230V AC/DC.