Easy as hay

Heinätin® is a handy and horse-friendly hay feeder with which you can feed your horse hay effortlessly and regularly around the clock.

All Heinätin hay feeders have three to six shelves for hay feedings, which means that with one fill, your horse can receive at least three timed hay feedings per day.

There are also different controller units available for all Heinätin models, into which you can enter 6 to 12 feeding times. This way, you can use one Heinätin to conveniently handle, for instance, a shed’s day and night feedings.

There are no sharp corners or parts that could hurt the horse. All Heinätin feeders and controllers endure sub-zero temperatures well. Their electricity consumption is also minimal.



Heinätin® Single

The best buddy for your horse’s tummy

Heinätin® Single is a handy, battery-operated automatic feeder with which you can easily take care of one horse’s regular hay feeding. The Single model includes a cabinet for three timed hay feedings, an integrated controller unit in the cabinet, two batteries, and a charging device for the batteries. The operating voltage of Heinätin Single is 12V/24V.

Heinätin Single can be constructed from any Heinätin model.

Heinätin® Multi

Great gut feeling at the stables

With Heinätin® Multi, you can conveniently handle the feeding of several horses. The Multi models are designed for 1 to 5 and 6 to 25 horses. The models include the necessary number of Heinätin® cabinets that can be operated simultaneously through one controller unit. The controller unit uses mains electricity, and the voltage for the Heinätin® cabinets is 24V.

Heinätin® Haywatch

Food for a bigger gang

The Heinätin® Haywatch offers a solution for frequent and effortless round bale feeding. Read more about the Heinätin® Haywatch launched in 2019. 

Implementing Heinätin

Make sure that the horse is used to using the automatic feeder before the feeder is started.

The Heinätin® hay feeders are user-friendly: they are quiet to use, and their controllers include an added function with which the horses can be quickly and safely familiarized with the feeder, making them satisfied feeder users.

Heinätin also includes extensive installation and operation instructions, as well as horse training instructions.