Heinätin hay feeders save working time and make life easier even at large stables. Use the Heinätin Calculator to see how much time and money you could save with Heinätin feeders.

The Heinätin hay feeders increase the stable’s service level because they allow you to feed horses hay regularly between three and twelve times per day. The stable’s daily chores can be reorganized when the staff won’t have to invest time and energy in bagging up and distributing hay.

Heinätin® Calculator

How many horses are at your stable?

The annual working time savings (h) at your stable are:

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Heinätin hay feeders save time and money

The Heinätin hay feeders are an investment guaranteed to pay for itself. With the Heinätin feeders, you can distribute hay into cabinets while cleaning the stalls, which saves working time, as there is no need for manual feeding, decreased need for sweeping the corridors, and no waiting for the horses to finish eating their morning hay.

How does the Heinätin Calculator calculate the time and money savings?

The Heinätin Calculator uses very moderate values. In reality, the savings brought by the Heinätin hay feeders can be even more significant.