Oy Equine Innovations Ltd privacy statement for customer register

1. Data controller

Oy Equine Innovations Ltd
(business ID: 2588058-5)
Pinsiöntie 1342, 39150 Pinsiö, Finland 
Tel. +358 45 676 2455

2. Contact person for matters concerning the register:

Katja Kulmakorpi

3. Register name

Oy Equine Innovations Ltd customer register

4. The purpose of processing personal data

The customer register is used for contacting customers, managing the customer relationship, and communications.

5. Data contents of the register

The data contents include information provided by the customer:

– Person’s name
– Company name
– Contact information
– Business ID
– For contact persons: name, e-mail address and telephone number
– Stable size
– Invoicing information

The customer is responsible for providing accurate information and updating it when necessary.

Continuous, automatically-collected data content covers the history of given quotes, sales, projects, and related communications. Data acquired from third parties may include credit reports and similar data which third parties produce as general company data services. Data can also be checked using public administration sources.

6. Regular information sources

The customer register data is obtained through the customer relationship.

7. Disclosure of information

We will not disclose any personal data related to our customers to any third parties.

8. Register security and retention period

Oy Equine Innovations Ltd takes the confidentiality of personal data seriously. We take administrative, physical, and electronic precautions in order to safeguard your personal data against unauthorized use. We collect data into databases protected with firewalls, password and other technical measures.



The databases and their backups are located in locked facilities which can only be accessed by designated persons. Even though we strive to ensure the integrity and security of personal data, we cannot guarantee that the safety measures in place would prevent third parties and so-called hackers from illegally accessing the personal data. In accordance with the law, we will notify you of any breaches related to the stored personal data’s protection, confidentiality or integrity at an appropriate time and without undue delay in a way which corresponds to (i) the needs of the enforcement of the law or (ii) defining the scope of the breach and restoring the reasonable integrity of the data system.

We will destroy outdated and unnecessary data appropriately. We will only store personal data for as long as necessary in order to fulfil the purpose of processing personal data as specified in this privacy statement. Due to obligations derived from the Accounting Act or other applicable laws, we may have to store the data longer than mentioned above.

9. The right to access, rectify and delete data

In accordance with the applicable data protection legislation, you have the right to receive information on the processing of your personal data and request access to inspect your personal data in our registers. You have the right to demand the rectification of erroneous or inaccurate data or the removal of your data from our registers.

You also have the right to cancel your consent and object to the processing of your personal data insofar as the processing of personal data is based on consent, and demand the restriction of processing your personal data.

The procedure:

1) Concerning requests for inspecting, rectifying, and/or deleting personal data, first contact personally the Oy Equine Innovations Ltd register contact person.

2) Book a meeting for processing your request. In the meeting, we will process the matters related to your request.

3) We have the right to refuse to implement your request on the basis of the applicable legislation.